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2020 year

Brenda Cheung

“It is only with gratitude

that life becomes rich!”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


“Let us come into His presence

with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to Him

with songs of praise!”

Psalms 95:2 (ESV)

When:   A late evening in October, 2020

Who:     Holy Spirit, the guest and Brenda Cheung, the host

Where:  The special part of a thankful heart

Why:     Inspired by the soul and moved by the spirit, the gratitude flows

How:     Invite the Holy Spirit for a heartfelt dialogue

The Dialogue  (HS = Holy Spirit; BC = Brenda Cheung)


HS:  Here I am, and thanks for your invitation.

​BC:  Appreciate your presence and thanks for your time.

HS:  How can I help?

BC:  You know what, this year is our Church’s 30th anniversary and Pastor Phebe keeps encouraging us to share our thankfulness in whatever ways to celebrate this special milestone of our Lord’s family.  I have been struggling to do so.  In my head, I deeply know it is an opportunity to show my heart of gratitude and tell my Lord how much I love Him, and how much I would like to hug Him with thanks.  In my heart, I am strongly inspired and moved to express the gratefulness of what God has been doing in my life and in my Church.  The regret goes to my hand that I am too lazy to get it done through writing, with millions of excuses.


HS:  You should not let the fire of inspiration extinguish and you should not hide the words of thankfulness.

BC:  This is why I invite you to have a soul dialogue and be my good listener and advisor.  I believe my candid sharing with you will set me free from keeping my intimate words to God in the hidden part of my heart.

HS:  Great, and thanks for trusting me.  Maybe you can start by letting me know a bit more about you as a family member of RCMBC.

BC:  Sure!  Time does fly and this is my 30th year in the family.  I believe I am the oldest one in terms of membership seniority at this Church, not taking into account my children who joined me at the same time as a toddler with no choice.  You can well imagine what I have been experiencing during these three decades – with comforts and vicissitudes, with smiles and tears, with calm waves and threatening storms, with hope and desperation. You know what, my Lord never forsakes me, never leaves me alone and His grace showers upon me in ways that I do not deserve.

HS:  You truly have a long-lasting relationship with RCMBC and I am sure your love for it has crated a strong connection and bonding. How do you want to thank God for that?


BC:  You are right. In fact, my spiritual journey can hardly be detached from RCMBC where I have been learning, experiencing and growing.  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to learn serving and to experience Him.  I began my service in children ministry and still remember the happy days with kids through Adventure Club (by then we could not afford to have AWANA with our limited resources).

HS:  What are some special memories in your life of serving?

BC:  So many!  Probably one of the most precious assignments from God was the annual VBS, at which I served as the coordinator for years.  It was one of the most challenging calls from the Lord as it involved so much planning and implementation work.  The encouragement came from all those smiling faces of the little campers and the enthusiasm of all the committed, passionate and dedicated young workers. Some of these young workers have already become young leaders in our English ministries.  What a blessing!

HS: What are your current passion and mission?

BC:  If it is God’s will, I would like to keep serving in youth ministry and walking with them in the pilgrim’s progress.  I have the heart to help them grow with God’s words as the foundation for their earthly and spiritual lives so they will not go astray. 

HS:  Awesome!  I am sure God hears you and I will keep guiding you in the ways that please Him.  Let us pray together and ask for His will to be done.

BC:  Thank so much for your time and this is my prayer:

Dear Lord, please humble me when I plead for your strength and wisdom.

Please accept my gratitude to you for all you have been doing in my life.

Please listen to my words of praise for your provision, your protection

and your power to my beloved RCMBC family.

In this time of its 30th anniversary, I ask for your special grace

to lead our Church moving on as a missional church

to glorify you, to testify to your love, and to follow you after your own heart.


Brenda Cheung

Transferred membership to RCMBC since 1992

This article was written on 2020.10.25

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