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Book Recommendations

Title : Children's heroes of the Bible: New Testament

Format : DVD

This Award Winning animated series is full of delightful & scripturally faithful representations of the Bible for children. The New Testament Volume includes seven separate stories, five stories devoted to Jesus and one each for The Apostles and Paul. Recommended for ages 3-8 and grown -up kids who enjoy revisiting the teachings of the Bible in an animated format.


Title: I am not a scaredy cat

Author: Max Lucado

This hilarious picture book helps kids manage their fears and worries and learn to trust God. As you laugh together about a cat's odd phobias--- an appalling abundance of (gulp!) yellow and pink sprinkles on his donut, a sneezing elephant, the loud chime of a clock, and doughnut sprinkles. ---these silly scenarios encourage kids to share what scares them. For each of the fears, Max provides this reassuring child's version of Philippians 4:6–9: “God, you are good .God, you are near.God, you are here! And, God, you love me."


Title: My lift-the-flap Bible stories

Author: Michael Berghof

Your little ones will love reading and discovering beloved Bible stories with the  Lift-the-Flap Bible Stories  board book. Filled with 32 different flaps to open, each revealing a hidden surprise beneath! Fun and engaging, these Bible stories are simply retold for young children with lively illustrations and Scripture references.


Title: Jesus calling for little ones

Author: Sarah Young

Based on her original  Jesus Calling, this version of devotion for little ones has been adapted in a language and style that toddlers and preschoolers can understand. It reassures toddlers and preschoolers of Jesus' never-ending love. Devotions are written as if Jesus is speaking directly to your child's heart—showing that Jesus knows us from our head to our toes and is always taking care of us. Along with adorable illustrations and a durable format, this is sure to be a treasure for your precious little ones.

Title:     A Place Called Heaven for Kids: 10 Exciting Things About Our Forever Home

Author: Jeffress, Robert

Children ask a lot of questions. When a death occurs in their family or circle of friends, those questions inevitably turn toward heaven. Is heaven real? Where is it? What will we do there? How do we get there? And more.  Colorfully illustrated and using simple concepts and language that children ages 4-7 can understand, this book provides answers to 10 of these common questions. In doing so, it gives children peace of mind about their lost loved one as well as a comforting, biblical picture of their forever home.



本書記載了三十位中國內地會早期宣教士的生命見 證。在十九世紀末、二十世紀初,當中國處於動盪不安、戰亂頻仍的關頭,他們選擇到到偏遠的陝西、新疆、甘肅、河南、山西、雲南、江西、貴州、安徽及四川去服事。他們大多數不是中國基督徒所熟悉的人物;但每一位都很腳踏實地的,將他們所信仰的真理在日常生活中活出來。


作者:葛理翰著; 屈貝琴、黃淑惠譯


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