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Goong-Jeang Toring


Mr. Toring was born in Shanghai, China on June 20, 193, according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  As a teenager, he came to Hong Kong for a new living.  He got an opportunity to work  in a metal factory as an apprentice. He was hard working and hence, he was promoted to the manager in-charge in the same factory.  In 1962, he was married with Ms. Lennie Lau, and they had 2 sons.  With their good parenting effort, their sons finished their study abroad and came back to work in Hong Kong.

Mr. & Mrs. Toring migrated to Vancouver after retiring in 1992.  They came to know the gospel and accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.  They were later baptized in Sept. 2011 at RCMBC.

In October 2017, Mrs. Toring passed away.  Mr. Toring had to adapt his living alone.  By God’s grace, he was comforted by many at RCMBC.  When his eyes problem became serious, he could not live by himself any more.  He soon settled down at 中僑張安德 AustinHarris 樂福院 after a short waiting period.

In mid-2020, Mr. Toring was confirmed having cancer.  Due to his health condition, the treatment was delayed and never started.  One day, he fell down in his apt. unit at 樂福院 and was sent to the hospital.  Since then, his condition was worsening.  He could not walk by himself, so extensive care was needed.  3 days after discharged from the hospital, he left us with the LORD on November 21 Saturday.

During his days of sickness, he was so weak but no pain, even till the last moment of life.  He left us peacefully and we, as his family members, testified God’s love and faithfulness far beyond what we had expected.  May God be glorified!

                                                                                                                                          --- From Family of Goong-Jeang Toring

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